Despite the existence of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) and the launch of a second generation road fund (Uganda Road Fund), a number of Ugandan roads are still in a terrible state. These range from the national, district, urban and community roads.

Uganda has about 30,000 kilometers of roads but only some 2,800 kilometers are paved. Most of these radiate from Kampala.

Though the maintenance of these roads are a shared responsibility between central government, district and local authorities including communities, the free movement of people and commodities has been greatly hindered by poor quality of roads.

Corruption involved officials in companies contracted to build roads has also led to poor completion and quality of the road network system.

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Polls part of this campaign:
What would be the best policy to improve maintenance of the road network within your district?

What action do you personally take to get rid of a pothole?

Should boda boda drivers be banned from the city center?

Which area of Kampala has the worst potholes?