In the 1980s, charcoal and firewood met more than 95% of Uganda's total energy needs.  Only 3% of commercial energy was provided by electricity on a grid.

The government decision to expedite creation of domestic petroleum capacity coupled with the discovery of large petroleum reserves holds the promise of a significant change in Uganda's status as an energy-importing country.

Oil in Uganda

With the discovery of oil in Uganda pressure has mounted on political leaders as citizens and human rights organizations have cautioned the government to ensure that every Ugandan benefits from the oil. This begs the question: Will oil in Uganda turnout to be a blessing or curse? For example, the road network to Hoima district, where the oil was discovered, is of first class quality. Will the rest of the country benefit?

Still, it has been noted that this huge energy resourcefulness is not commensurate with the level of its contribution to national transformation yet. 

Polls part of this campaign:
With the electricity prices soaring, which payment method would you prefer? Prepaid or postpaid?

If electricity prices increase by 40% I will.......... see below

Should all business deals on national resources like oil be shared with the public?