Buildings have established check points to check for potential crimes of terrorism. A growing economic crisis like unemployment has led to increased petty and violent crime. There are also social crimes such as defilement and domestic violence. These require much attention in the public debate and need to be discussed by everybody.


It has been 5 years since the notorious Lord Resistance Army was chased out of Uganda into Congo and beyond. Still questions remain on the aftermath of the LRA war. In parts of Northern Uganda, lack of economic development and mental instability still exists as a testament to the war. 


On 11 July 2010 there were bomb attacks in Kampala (one explosion at a restaurant in Kabalagala (Tank Hill Road) and two at a rugby club in Lugogo (Jinja Road)), killing over 70 people, and injuring many more. Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the bombs, the first major terrorist attacks they have carried out outside Somalia.

Review the polls below to study the various polls Trac FM has run on these and other crimes. 

Polls part of this campaign:
Would dominance of world politics by China, Russia, Brazil and Africa improve global peace?

Where should the biggest burden to protect our children fall?

Should activists for change continue with their activities after a police chief was killed?

Do you think preventive arrest should be illegal?

If you pay a bribe to a policeman, does that make you corrupt?