Despite all efforts, getting access to clean, piped water is still a challenge for many Ugandans. In large parts of the countries rely on hand-pumps, shallow wells, or natural sources such as rivers, springs, and swamps. Areas that do have piped water schemes face other problems. Some schemes are poorly maintained or managed, power may not be available, or the installation itself is vandalized. But a number of organizations are trying to address the many problems by improving service delivery across Northern Uganda. 

Combining strengths
Supported by APC-EU, the Northern Umbrella of Water and Sanitation (nUws), a support structure dedicated to operational and maintenance support for piped water and sanitation schemes, is trying to contribute to a better governance and management of the water sector in small towns and rural growth centers in Northern Uganda.

As part of this undertaking, the partners have launched project Wottazela. Radio Wa in Lira will air four talk shows to educate residents about their rights and obligations in the operation and maintenance of the piped water schemes in their communities. During the project, people will have a chance to engage experts and give their opinion through the TRAC Fm platform.