Light for the World Netherlands (LFTW)

TRAC FM & Light for the World Netherlands (LFTW) collaborate in a new partnership, regarding the Livelihoods Improvement Challenge Project.

Read more on how we include youth with various disabilities!


In partnership with The Action Group for Health, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS (AGHA), TRAC FM will run this campaign in the two districts of Lyantonde and Pallisa to conduct SMS-based polls on health service delivery related topics.

My Children 2

TRAC FM partner up with Farm Radio International and Harvest Plus to measure the impact of the "My Children 2" radio drama. Aired on 13 radio stations across Uganda in seven languages, the radio drama is intended to increase the cultivation and consumption of Orange Sweet Potato.

Set the Agenda

Together with 10 radio stations across Uganda, TRAC FM set up 3 month campaign to ask radio listeners to 'Set the Agenda' for key issues for Uganda Elections. Over 45.000 replies came in so far! Find the results of the polls below.

Wottazela 2.0

How do people's attitudes affect the development of piped water schemes? What do they think about the organizations that are supposed to help? WSDF-N, Mega FM, and TRAC FM join forces to find out. 

HEPS Uganda: Take Stock

Despite a new commitment for the Ugandan government to promote family planning and supply chain policy changes, the public health care system remains plagued by a shortage of contraceptives. HEPS Uganda and TRAC FM are taking stock.

Hearing Somali Voices - Free Press Unlimited & Trac FM

Since 2014, Trac FM enabled 80.000 Somali citizens to send over 370.000 SMS messages to their favourite radio talk-shows. Topics related to security, employment, refugees, donor aid and local river flooding were discussed.
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