HEPS Uganda: Take Stock

Despite a new commitment for the Ugandan government to promote family planning and supply chain policy changes, the public health care system remains plagued by a shortage of contraceptives. HEPS Uganda and TRAC FM are taking stock.

Hearing Somali Voices - Free Press Unlimited & Trac FM

Since 2014, Trac FM enabled 80.000 Somali citizens to send over 370.000 SMS messages to their favourite radio talk-shows. Topics related to security, employment, refugees, donor aid and local river flooding were discussed.

LRA & Joseph Kony

Trac FM looks into local perceptions and lets people, who are often unheard, give their opinion on events. One of the most evident examples of the disconnect between local views and global news may be the International campaign against Joseph Kony and the Lord Resistance Army (LRA).

Orange Sweet Potato Campaign

Nearly one in every three pre-schoolers in Uganda lacks vitamin A, and a quarter of their mothers do as well. This can result in impaired immunity and eye damage leading to blindness and even death. Three NGOs team up to raise awareness about the importance of consuming Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes by putting the power of radio drama in to work.

World Radio Day

This Thursday Feb 13th is World Radio Day. All over the world, radio stations are hosting special shows to celebrate the importance of FM radio. TRAC FM joins the celebrations by running a special Radio Day poll across Uganda. Over 6000 Ugandans participated!

Trac FM service delivery in Uganda - supported by Twaweza

Trac FM is conducting weekly polls in Uganda on social issues and services delivery. This program is supported by Twaweza. Twaweza works on enabling children to learn, citizens to exercise agency and governments to be more open and responsive in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.
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