Programme: COMMON MATTERS  - CSO Partner: EA (Enviromental Alert Uganda)

The breakneck pace of deforestation in Uganda is causing an unpredictable shift in raining seasons. This trend affects many Ugandans as they depend on agriculture as a source of income. TRAC FM and Environmental Alert, therefore, embarked on a campaign to gauge people's perspectives and knowledge on agroforestry and to promote the practice among farmers.

What we did

Three poll questions were launched on eight radio stations throughout Uganda. The questions attracted more than 9000 responses and provided valuable insights as depicted in the infographics on the next page. The results show that Ugandan farmers seem to be willing to participate in tree-growing activities but they lack knowledge, skills and the right planting materials to participate.

Environmental Alert has a prominent seat at the annual Joint Sector Review of the Ministry of Water and Environment. Supported by the feedback given by thousands of Ugandans that participated in TRAC FM polls, they will advocate for greater and smarter involvement of citizens in agroforestry practices.

Joshua Zake, Executive Director at Environmental Alert explains: “Policy makers need to appreciate the power of multiplier effect. For example, what is the impact in the landscape if each of Uganda's 2,000,000 smallholder farmers grew at least 50 trees on their farms?”

Providing citizens with planting materials and providing the right knowledge, skills and tools to practice agroforestry activities will be the main message going forward. The Joint Sector Review is taking place in late September 2017. Poll results will be used to represent people's perspectives during this meeting. More results are expected afterward.