In the Common Matters 2 program, TRAC FM will work with 3 CSO partners and 10 radio stations across Uganda over a period of 2 years. Our first campaign will broadly cover people's rights with regards to land.

TRAC FM has established a partnership with Environmental Alert and the Land Actors Platform to create awareness of land rights in Uganda and advocate for pro-poor legislation. Topics ranging from registration of ownership on land, fair and adequate compensation for land acquisition, women’s land rights and access to justice will all be discussed during 80 debates on Uganda's most popular radio stations. 

TRAC FM radio debates will allow citizens to participate in a structured conversation regarding their land rights, perceptions on land disputes, corporate interests, government involvement and fair compensation for land. The campaign will also cover the position of government in cases where individuals obstruct development or infrastructural projects that could benefit the community.

On top of the radio campaigns, Environmental Alert, PELUM and TRAC FM will set up a professional call-center with trained helpline staff to take calls from citizens who have questions or want to report a violation of their land rights, land grabbing, issues of delayed compensation and any other related issues. The call-centre will run for 3 months during the campaign period and will serve both as an information service for citizens and a data hub to identify the most pressing issues and questions on land rights.


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