In the Common Matters 2 program, TRAC FM will work with 3 CSO partners and 10 radio stations across Uganda over a period of 2 years campaigns focusing on land rights, disability rights, and transitional justice.  Our second campaign, which is kicking off in May will raise awareness of the rights of People Living With Disabilities (PWDs) in Uganda.

According to the 2014 Uganda census report, 12.5% of Uganda’s total population (34.6 million) had at least one form of disability.  The report further indicates that the majority of people with disabilities in Uganda are female and mainly live in rural areas.

There is evidence to show that the basic human rights of PWDs are violated within their homes, workplaces and wider communities. For example, it is very common for parents or guardians to deny children with physical or mental disabilities the right to education.

TRAC FM will work with the National Union of Persons with Disabilities in Uganda (NUDIPU) on a national campaign to drum up awareness of disability rights. This campaign will harness the power of interactive radio programming to share lived experiences of PWDs and TRAC FM’s SMS polling software to collect citizen-generated data to establish a strong data-driven advocacy campaign.

We shall develop and use a mini-radio drama series to bring the often silenced or overlooked plight of people with disabilities to light and combine that with TRAC FM’s SMS polling software to encourage public participation in our effort to break the silence around disability rights. Radio drama offers a unique experience for minority voices to tell their stories through an engaging and entertaining format. Through an entertaining storyline, radio drama engages the audience - opening up their imagination and creating awareness on the everyday challenges of PWDs.

(Photo by Albert González Farran, UNAMID)

The mini-drama will be translated into local languages and aired on 9 radio stations across Uganda. Each weekly episode will be accompanied by a poll question, which we shall use to gather and publicly discuss opinions and perceptions on issues related to disability rights. Nationwide, an average of 10.000 radio listeners will respond to each program by sending an SMS to TRAC FM’s toll-free shortcode.