Samudayik Awaaz (Voices of Nepal) lets citizens of Nepal voice their opinions, concerns and experiences with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), COVID-19 and Menstrual Health. 4 radio stations in Nepal called on their listeners to participate in Interactive radio polls facilitated through the TRAC FM software platform. Thousands of listeners responded to the following polls:

1. What impact is COVID-19 having on your life?
2. Who is more conscious on hygiene? Men or Women?
3. What is your biggest challenge when getting water for domestic use?
4. What is your biggest concern when it comes to toilet within your household?
5. What is the biggest challenge in improving menstrual health? Who should teach children about menstruation?

The poll results were discussed during 6 1-hour live radio debates and shared with decision makers at local government level. All poll results are visualised in infographics and shared in this report.

Through data-driven feedback loops, awareness is raised and policy makers become more aware of the views, needs and suggestions brought forward by citizens. The partners working on the Samudayik Awaaz radio campaign ensure that the thousands of voices that collectively make up the content of this report, get heard by the right people.

Samudayik Awaaz - Final Report: Download