serious citizen; Women's Economic Empowerment Poll 1

Which is the most significant social barrier for women to become successful entrepreneurs?

Overall Results
37%  -  
Some husbands don't want their wives to run a business
32%  -  
Women are burdened with unpaid care responsibilities
17%  -  
Women are blocked from financial means like land or loans
14%  -  
Women who want to start a business risk being stigmatized by the community

.A majority of the 13,386 respondents say that the willingness of men to allow their partners to start or run a business is the biggest barrier for women to becoming successful entrepreneurs. A significant number of men would be challenged to accept the risk of their partners becoming recognized or successful. This sentiment is reinforced by cultural and religious expectations of men as dominant breadwinners and providers of their families' basic needs.

Mistrust and fear of infidelity are recurring issues in most follow-up interviews.
taken from RITA KEMBABAZI's Vox Pop
As a woman, I think the reason why women fail to start and maintain their businesses is that men fear that women might accumulate wealth. Men don't like women having their own money; they think that if a woman has 3 million in her pocket, a man may not be able to control a loaded woman, forgetting that the money owned by a woman is for the whole family.
A significant number of development initiatives by the Ugandan government, civil society organizations, and private institutions in support of women's economic empowerment focus on women's ability to get loans, educate women on soft business skills, or even handle cash for women.