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What is Trac FM?

Cast your vote through an SMS poll and hear all results directly on your favourite radio Talk-show! 

Raising awareness of Fall Armyworm among Farmers in Uganda

Trac FM has partnered with the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries to raise awareness of and sensitize farmers on how to detect and control the Fall Armyworm (FAW) among farmers in Central Uganda – with specific focus on Mubende, Mityana and Kiboga districts.

Trac FM Embarks on Agroforestry Promotion Campaign with Environmental Alert

Trac FM and Environmental Alert are running an advocacy campaign to promote agroforestry activities in Uganda as part of our Common Matters Program. We are collecting the opinions of Ugandans on the topic of agroforestry through our interactive radio polling on 8 radio stations across the country.

Trac FM Partners with ISER on a campaign about PPPs in Uganda’s education sector

ISER and Trac FM are running an advocacy campaign that is part of the Common Matters program. We will collect citizens’ voices on financial accountability of PPPs in Uganda through interactive radio polling on 9 radio stations.

Common Matters radio presenter's workshop

For its upcoming program, Trac FM invited representatives from the 9 partnering radio stations for a 2-day workshop at Sir Jose Hotel in Ggaba.

Set the Agenda reaches 39.000 responses

'Set the Agenda' is an initiative by Trac FM to set up a nation wide campaign where the citizens of Uganda can make their voices count before the 2016 presidential elections. In four weeks, we got more than 39.000 responses: have a look at the results.

TracFm in the papers - Wotazella Project

We conducted polls in northern Uganda for the Wottazella project which seeks to enhance water asset management.

Wottazela 2.0 launches in Gulu

How do people's attitudes affect the development of piped water schemes? What do they think about the organizations that are supposed to help? The Water and Sanitation Development Facility-North, Mega FM, and Trac FM join forces to find out. 

Presence of reps for the army, youth & workers in Parliament declared unconstitutional.

The Constitutional Court declared that the presence of representatives for the army, youth & workers in Parliament is unconstitutional.

To give or not to give out 'brown envelopes'?

During the State of the Nation address President Museveni made a comment that as President, he should be able to give out 'brown envelopes'. We asked the people what they thought.

Trac FM partners with HEPS Uganda to improve public health delivery

Trac FM partners with HEPS Uganda to enable citizens and media to address health service delivery.

Trac FM wins World Humanitarian Innovation Award

Trac FM is proud to be the winner of the Humanitarian Innovation Awards in South Africa —a competition managed by the UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. 

Trac FM expands across borders to Somalia

Since 2014, over 370.000 SMS messages have been sent between Somali radio listeners and the Trac FM platform. Over 80.000 unique individuals participated in interactive talk-shows by participating in interactive radio polls hosted on 12 partner stations throughout Somalia.

Trac FM selected for Multiple Journalism Initiative

Multiple Journalism believes journalism of the digital age is not a threat to the independence and quality of professional journalism, but a liberation from corporate control. Trac FM is proud to have been selected as one of the case studies for the Multiple Journalism initiative.

Mega FM in Gulu joins Trac FM

Trac FM is proud to include the Gulu based radio station as one of its partners. Afa-ei Nicky, the program manager of Mega FM, is very involved in the formulation of the poll questions run on the station, focusing on issues relevant to the immediate community.

KKCR in Kibaale carries out its first polls

Kibaale Kagadi Community Radio (KKCR) on 91.7FM is based in Kibaale region. Using the Trac FM software, they run their first polls on August 25th 2014. 

TRAC FM launches in Fort Portal!

Trac FM is proud to announce its newest partnership with Fort Portal’s Toro Development Network office (ToroDev), in conjunction with the Rwenzori Journalist Forum. This was held at a maiden press conference at their offices on the 26th of June 2014 in Fort Portal.

IDS research commisioned by Hivos featuring Trac FM case study

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) recently published a paper on the use and implementation of technologies used to promote citizen participation, Transparency and accountability.

TRAC FM attends ICT4Ag Conference

During the very first session of the Plug & Play Day at the ICT4Ag Conference, Wouter Dijkstra, the Founder and Director of TRAC FM will be presenting how this innovative software platform is used by media and non-profit organizations to amplify the voices of citizens, track reports and collect opinions.

Press release: TRAC FM, Farm Radio and HarvestPlus team up

TRAC FM teams up with Farm Radio International and HarvestPlus to raise awareness about the importance of consuming Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (OFSPs) among Ugandans, by putting the power of interactive radio drama to work.

Datajournalism Award

The Datajournalism Awards are given for outstanding work in the field of data journalism in any media worldwide. They reward outstanding examples of data driven investigations, data driven applications and storytelling with data visualisation, which cover matters relevant to society and aim to have results or an impact at a societal level. TRAC FM was nominated before and we will try to win this time. 

TRAC FM receives grant from the Indigo Trust

TRAC FM is very thankful for the awarded grant of The Indigo Trust, a trust which mainly focuses on innovation, transparency and citizen empowerment.

PC Tech magazine interview

PC Tech Magazine interviewed TRAC FM founder and director Wouter Dijkstra. 

Radio Pacis in Gulu does its first polls

After a training session, community Radio Pacis launched its first TRAC FM polls.

TRAC FM partners with the UDN

TRAC FM is delighted to partner with the UDN, the Uganda Debt Network. 

Supported by Twaweza, Ni Sisi

Twaweza means “we can make it happen” in Swahili. It is a ten year citizen-centered initiative, focusing on large-scale change in East Africa. Twaweza believes that lasting change requires bottom-up action. We seek to foster conditions and expand opportunities through which millions of people can get information and make change happen in their own communities directly and by holding government to account.


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How to get involved

With over 1,200,000 individual participants in 3 countries, Trac FM has proven it's successful concept. Trac FM is now sharing it's knowledge, experience and our software platform with NGO's and media organisations around the world. These partners use Trac FM in their own research, M&E campaigns and as an early warning system in humanitarian relief efforts. Get in touch with us to find out more on partnerships: info@tracfm.org

Valerie Amos, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, about Trac FM:

Valerie Amos UN OCHA highlights Trac FM in speech

 "To be effective we must listen to people (...) using for example TRAC FM to conduct country-wide citizen centred interactive radio polls."

Speech at Canadian Humanitarian Conference, 5 December 2015

Contact Us

Physical Address: CEEWA Building, Block 244, Kiwafu Road, Kansanga
Email: info@tracfm.org
Tel: +256 794 699807 and +256 794 279079