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Welcome to TRAC FM

TRAC FM is an NGO that combines a unique software platform with mobile technology and radio. TRAC FM empowers communities to be heard by decision makers and strengthens public debate for a more vibrant democracy.

iTECH - Public engagement and data collection on stillbirth in Uganda

The World Health Organization says that over two million babies are stillborn each year, which has a big impact on parents and society. TRAC FM supports the iTech program by gathering public opinion data on possible uptake, reservations, and preconceptions related to stillbirth.

Using AI to Empower Communities: TRAC FM's Innovative Feedback System

TRAC FM is using AI for natural language processing, personalizing feedback, sentiment analysis and enhancing data visualization to better understand and respond to the needs and desires of communities.

Serious Citizens - Social norms and the position of women in Uganda

From April 2022 to 2023, TRAC FM and its partners sparked crucial conversations with millions of Ugandan radio listeners, bravely addressing 3 main thematic issues: women's entrepreneurship, teenage pregnancies, and gender-based violence.

The Power of Voices - Documentary

This documentary will show you what Trac FM is about at the grassroots level - where every voice has a story to tell. And where the combined voices make up the core of society. 

Voices of Nepal - "Samudayik Awaaz"

TRAC FM is reaching into Asia for the first time! We are excited to work with Simavi on a WASH and Covid-19 related campaign in two remote regions of Nepal. 

Voices of Change: The 2021 Elections in Uganda

The Voices of Change campaign brings on a national debate on citizens perspectives of democracy during the 2021 general elections in Uganda. Through an independent MEL activity TRAC FM will research how these radio programs affect citizens and communities.
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