What does 'Human Rights' mean to you?

Half of the 20.000 respondents who participated in the first Sauti Stream radio poll either misunderstood what Human Rights are, or indicated they did not know what human rights are. 17% Even believe that Human rights are a foreign agenda interfering with Uganda’s way of life.

Decent work; the vulnerable position of women

The biggest challenge for working women is sexual and physical abuse

Customary Law Women and Land Inheritance Rights

Women would like to change cultural practices on Land inheritance, Men would rather NOT make any changes.

Gender roles in financial decision making

In 61% of cases, women have minor or NO influence on critical financial decisions in the household

Which is the most significant social barrier for women to become successful entrepreneurs?

The biggest barrier for a woman to start a business is her partner

What is the main reason for alcohol abuse?

28% of 11,000 respondents indicate the main reason to abuse alcohol is to escape family problems.

What should boys and men do who feel pressured by expectations to provide for their family?

When faced with poverty,36%of respondents' advice for males is; 'Be a man and try harder'.
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