About the Serious Citizen Campaign

The serious Citizen campaign works with 9 radio stations across Uganda to produce a series of interactive radio talk-shows on inclusive social norms and the position of women in Northern Uganda. The production of these inclusive and local language radio talkshows lets listeners take part in SMS radio-polls, call-ins and Vox-pops.

Each radio station will host a panel of local experts to discuss SMS poll results and comment on the views of listeners. Each discussion is expected to be heard by millions of people nationwide and at least 10.000 listeners will participate in each of the poll questions. 

Collected data include gender and location data coming in through the Trac FM software platform. Infographics and data-visualisation will turn the raw data into visual stories that can be easily shared and understood. Additional in-depth interviews with selected participants will offer a deeper insight into the subject matter. A team of local and international experts will work together to ensure that the registered feedback is used in policy development, social research and advocacy campaigns. 

Above all, the Serious Citizens radio campaign should get people talking. Offering a safe format to publicly debate topics that could otherwise be labelled as uncomfortable, controversial or even taboo will help bring the conversation home to households, neighbours and friends.

The Serious Citizen radio campaign is supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

Content Partners include UWONET, Reach a Hand Uganda and the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development among others.