Thematic area; Human Rights Awareness | Period; Jan-July 2024 | Partners; Faraja Africa Foundation

Widespread ignorance regarding human rights among citizens poses a significant challenge. Without a comprehensive grasp of their rights, individuals are unable to advocate for themselves effectively.This raises critical questions about the responsibility to educate the public about these essential rights. Are media outlets effectively fulfilling this role? Where do common misconceptions on human rights come from? And how do human rights conflict with traditional and religious values?

Introduction to the Sauti Stream Campaign

The Sauti Stream is an interactive radio campaign which aims to collect citizen’s views and foster debate on the topic of human rights. The campaign also enables citizens to understand their rights and responsibilities, to analyze and evaluate public issues, and to use their knowledge and skills to influence positive change. These civic practices are foundational to a thriving democracy. 

Leveraging radio and SMS technology, to which 87% and 74% of Ugandans have access, the Sauti Stream reaches up to 27 million Ugandans through 10 local-language partner stations. Over 15,000 responses are collected for each poll, which are then analyzed on topical radio talk shows and shared with advocacy and CSO partners 

Campaign Objectives:

  1. To raise awareness and understanding of the public issues that affect the lives and well-being of Ugandans.

  2. To provide a platform for Ugandans to express their opinions, perspectives, and experiences on the public issues that matter to them.

  3. To foster dialogue and debate among Ugandans from different backgrounds, regions, and viewpoints, and to promote tolerance, respect, and cooperation.

  4. To influence policy and decision-making by sharing the collective views of Ugandans with the government, the media, and the international community, and by advocating for positive change.