Background to the Campaign
The Transitional Justice (TJ) Campaign is one of the 3 focus areas in TRAC FM's
Common Matters 2 program. Within this program, TRAC FM is working with CSO partners and radio stations across Uganda to promote evidence-based advocacy and awareness on land rights, disability rights, and transitional justice. The Land Rights and the Disability Rights campaigns were conducted successfully.

The TJ campaign coincides with the recent approval of the June 2019 National Transitional Justice Policy and focuses on a 10-year post-conflict period with the aim of facilitating public discussions and reflection on citizen’s experiences of the conflict, related responses, and gaps that still remain in government and civil society efforts to address the impact of the conflict. The campaign also seeks to contribute to making citizens aware of existing government policies that provide the basis for individuals and groups to demand specific actions from local and national leaders.

About WIPC
Women’s International Peace Centre (formerly Isis-WICCE) is a feminist organization with a mission to ignite women’s leadership, amplify their voices and deepen their activism in re-creating peace. Their strategic goal is to enhance gender equity, justice, and inclusive political, social and economic development, by contributing to sustainable peace.

The 10 radio stations we shall be partnering with include; Radio Pacis (Arua) and Pakwach FM (Pakwach) in West Nile, Mega FM (Gulu) and Mighty Fire FM (Kitgum) in Acholi, Radio Wa (Lira) and Dokolo FM (Dokolo) in Lango, Delta FM (Soroti) and Continental FM (Kumi) in Teso, Akica FM (Moroto) and Voice of Karamoja (Kotido) in Karamoja.