Trac FM visits partner radio stations in Northern Uganda

Trac FM teams visits partner stations in Arua, Gulu, Lira and Soroti

Infographic: has the security situation in Somalia improved in 2014?

See below a visual representation of the results of a poll about the security situation in Somalia from January 2015. This joint poll of 5 radio stations is part of Trac FM's partnership with Free Press Unlimited.

TRAC FM expands across borders to Somalia

Since 2014, over 370.000 SMS messages have been sent between Somali radio listeners and the TRAC FM platform. Over 80.000 unique individuals participated in interactive talk-shows by participating in interactive radio polls hosted on 12 partner stations throughout Somalia.

20% of Trac FM respondents say they couldn't register to vote

A new Trac FM poll shows that 20% of Ugandans who tried to register to vote in 2016 were unable to. Another 15% didn't register because they had no intention of voting. 

52% of respondents in Somalia think EU is part of UN

With the many international organizations working alongside each other in Somalia, it can be hard to tell who does what. This week, radio stations in Mogadishu, Hiraan, and Puntland asked their listeners if they know what the European Union actually is. 8.303 people sent us their answer.

TRAC FM selected for Multiple Journalism Initiative

Multiple Journalism believes journalism of the digital age is not a threat to the independence and quality of professional journalism, but a liberation from corporate control. TRAC FM is proud to have been selected as one of the case studies for the Multiple Journalism initiatives.

How many Ugandan children are not in school?

Over the years, more and more Ugandan children are going to school. More and more girls are enrolling as well, and the introduction of the Universal Primary Education scheme in 2007 had given more children access to education than ever before. But there are still some who are being left behind.
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TRAC FM information video

Listen to The Kikomera Radio Drama

Valerie Amos UN OCHA highlights Trac FM in speech

 "To be effective we must listen to people (...) using for example TRAC FM to conduct country-wide citizen centred interactive radio polls."

Valerie Amos, UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, About TRAC FM, Speech at Canadian Humanitarian Conference, 5 December 2015