What is the most important factor for choosing the school for a child?

ISER and Trac FM are running an advocacy campaign that is part of the Common Matters program. We will collect citizens’ voices on financial accountability of PPPs in Uganda through interactive radio polling on 9 radio stations. The first poll question asked is about the decisions parents/guardians make in choosing a school for their children. 

What would stop you from seeking medical treatment for a sexually transmitted disease?

In our recent poll question, responses we received showed that provision of information and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are most required by youth. Close to half of the responses (44%) said STD's needed the attention as compared to the other options. 

How effective is the provision of youth friendly health services in reducing the rates of teenage pregnancy?

Although the rates of teenage pregnancy have gone down in recent years, the national average stands at 25% of the girls aged 15 to 19 years is already a mother or pregnant with her first child. 

Which health service is most required by adolescents in your community?

In a traditional health facility setting, all patients access care according to specific health needs. However, this does not cater for the needs of adolescents and young people, especially when it comes to sexual and reproductive health.

Do you believe the outcome of a malaria test?

There are different blood tests for Malaria. The outcome of the test determines whether someone has malaria or not and whether that person needs treatment. However, it is known that the result of a malaria test is not always believed by patients.

Why don’t people go for a Malaria test?

Malaria is still one of the major diseases affecting families all over Uganda. Testing a blood sample is the most conclusive way to know whether one has malaria or not. However, based on numbers from the Ministry of Health, only 60% of the people do tests for Malaria.

Which disease has had the biggest impact on your life?

Although many diseases can be prevented these days, people are still affected by infectious diseases. Some diseases have a minor impact, others have a bigger impact on someone's life. This impact can be loss of a family member, frequent illness, illness of family members, or loss of work days due to illness.
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